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Tell Your Prospects What You Want Them to Do: The Call to Action

Call to Action

It sounds very inspiring, the call to action. Whether it's a social movement, a protest, a political campaign or a strike, it's the same name – a call to action (or CTA). When creating marketing and sales material, you need a CTA to make it more effective. It's all very nice to tell a prospect or a warm lead about your product or service. But then what? Don't you want them to do something?

Whether you're a for-profit or non-profit organization, marketing material should educate readers and get them interested and excited, but that's not enough. In order for you to succeed, you want people to act. You may want them to,

  • Order a product,
  • Schedule a meeting/consultation,
  • Give you a call,
  • Fill out the online contact form,
  • Send you an email,
  • Like your Facebook page,
  • Check out your website,
  • Sign up for your newsletter,
  • Click on the link to the donation page, or,
  • Register for a presentation.

You want them to do something that will increase the bond between you and the reader, something that will start or strengthen a relationship or make a sale. That's what a call to action is all about.

A clear, concise CTA is important to include on any sales or marketing material. It gives the reader the opportunity to show their interest in what you're promoting and take advantage of whatever you're offering. It also helps your organization gauge readers' interest in your product or service and the effectiveness of your material.

Why would your reader respond to your CTA? Because you're offering something of value that will help the reader in some way. What are the top benefits of what you're offering? Create a short description of the top two or three. What will they learn? How will they be better off by following your instructions? Might they save money, make more money, save time or feel better about themselves if they take you up on your offer? This language needs to be about what's in it for the reader, not what you want to sell to the reader.

What would encourage the reader to react to your CTA? Urgency. Provide the reader a reason to act immediately because if you do, you're more likely to get a response. This is why so many offers have limited availability. On your webpage, you could include a countdown to a deadline or a count of how many of your products are in stock.

Here's our CTA: Effective marketing can help your organization better compete in the marketplace and keep and attract more clients. Want to learn more about how that can work for you and your organization? Call us today at 267.364.5049 or fill out our online contact form so we can start the conversation about how LyncServe can help you reach your goals.

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by Jillian Mensch
Jillian is a Product Manager at LyncServe. With an enthusiasm for serving small businesses, Jillian strives to assist in their success. She uses her experience in marketing to help businesses find new ways to grow and achieve their goals.
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