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Spice Up Your Digital Marketing Campaigns

Trying to keep your content from feeling stale or static can be challenging. Nevertheless, there are plenty of things you can do to keep your audience engaged. Here are some ideas that will help you spice up your digital marketing campaigns - such as websites, landing pages, e-mails, advertising and more - and make your business stand out from the masses. Next time you start to gather content for your next campaign, consider including some of these ideas:

Animated GIFs

Animated GIFs have come a long way since the dancing banana. Using animated GIFs is a great way to bring life to still images. They are also helpful in showing processes and experiences. Plus, their small file size helps with website performance.

Animated graphic cycling through web pages.


The use of video is a popular trend, especially when placed in the background of a website. When executed correctly, video helps tell a story and is a great way of showing your audience who you are and what you do. Check out our homepage as well as Spring Village's website to see some examples of successful ways of using video.


Infographics help simplify information. They present complex information quickly and clearly, and are a very engaging tool. When combined with branded design elements, infographics give your audience a remarkable visual experience.

Five elements to enhnace your marketing with visual content.

Tables and Grids

When applicable, it's helpful to organize content into tables and grids to help break up long text. Certain information is much easier to read when laid out in a grid-like format, such as pricing, comparisons, FAQs, and descriptions.

A graphic table.


Small, simple, illustrative elements are an excellent way to enhance bulleted lists and simple ideas. They help add creativity to small pieces of texts, and help with branding. (For more on that, see the blog post Building Your Visual Identity.

Visual usage of icons on a website
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by Brian Needles
Brian has a great deal of passion for all areas of design and technology. He's worked across all disciplines, but specializes in web design and branding.
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