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Logo Design Trends and Inspiration


Your logo is a visual representation of who you are or what your business does. In most cases, it's the first thing people identify with when thinking of your company, so it's important to create something unique, memorable and more recognizable than your competition.

Sometimes a logo is an abstract idea, and other times it's simple and straightforward. In the landscape of logo design, there are so many things to keep in mind and even more resources available for inspiration. Here are a few trends in logo design today.



You'll notice that a big trend in all aspects of design is simplicity. This holds true for logo design. The use of 3-dimensional shapes and effects is becoming an old practice as design is becoming ever so flat. Using a limited number of words in a logo is also important because logos are a visual representation of a brand; not a description.

Negative Space and Hidden Symbolism

Using negative space and hidden symbolism in a creative way is a popular trend that isn't going away. It's a unique way of morphing textual elements and iconography that creates a strong statement. Here are some famous logos that use this effect. Can you spot the hidden symbols in these popular logos?


Organic Shapes

Rounded shapes and corners create a much more modern look than squares and rectangles. Sharp angles aren't as welcoming and friendly.


Trendy color palates and tints change just as often as any other design element. Popular colors now are more subdued than a few years ago. A perfect example of this is the use of black vs. gray.



The readability of text in a logo is just as important as any iconography attached to it. While it's important to be creative and unique, do not sacrifice legibility. Script fonts are a popular trend right now, but make sure to choose the right one.


Here are a few popular sites where you can find some great inspiration. If you're not creating your logo yourself, it's still helpful to bring some ideas to your designer to help him/her with your vision:

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by Brian Needles
Brian has a great deal of passion for all areas of design and technology. He's worked across all disciplines, but specializes in web design and branding.
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