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Keep up with your industry’s trends or get left in the dust

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Are You Letting Trends and Best Practices of Your Industry Pass You By?

The only thing that’s permanent is change. How well you predict and adapt to change can be the difference between a failing business and a successful one. Keeping track of trends and best practices may make it easier to accurately foresee changes in your industry and make those changes when necessary.

There are trend creators, trend followers and those who ignore trends completely. Where do you fit in? When marketing a business, it makes sense to be aware of trends and best practices of your industry. Whether you want to follow them or try to start a different trend will be up to you. Being aware of what’s going on beyond your business can only help you decide what path is right for it.

Industries, markets and economies change over time. Your business needs to evolve in order to keep up with the constant change that surrounds us. If you want to start a trend you need to have insight and understanding into your customers’ wants and needs. If what you do or sell truly resonates with your customers you can be the one starting the trend.

There are many reasons to keep up with industry trends and best practices.

  • You need to try to forecast what will be happening in your industry and customers in order to stay in business. Learning about trends and best practices allows you to get a feel where things are going and what may be good options to help your business thrive in the future. You can look at your historical data to get an idea of what happened in the past and consider trends to see how things may change in the future.
  • Knowing trends and best practices can help you come up with better ideas for your business. Why is something popular while something else is not? What value is being created by a trend or practice? Is there a less expensive or better way to achieve that same value?
  • Trends can be reliable sources of early warnings about what’s correct and what’s wrong with your business. Whatever your business is doing that doesn’t help you now or won’t help in the future must be improved or eliminated. By following trends and best practices you can develop and use your knowledge to improve your company.

Trends in marketing come and go. They’re like waves that surfers ride. Some surfers are spectacularly successful and make the most of the wave as long as they can. Others make mistakes and end up pushed underwater by the wave’s weight.

Just because something’s a trend or currently a best practice doesn’t necessarily mean joining the crowd is right for your business. The trend may be short-lived and trying to exploit it may end up costing more than what you may gain. A particular practice may not be a good fit with your values and approach to how your business, product or service should be marketed.

If you think a trend or practice might be a good marketing opportunity for you, set up a free consultation with LyncServe so we can discuss the pros and cons of different approaches. Contact us today by filling out our online form or call us at 267.364.5049.

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by Kevin Lynch
Kevin is an entrepreneur on a mission to deliver enterprise marketing solutions to small and medium sized businesses.
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