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Inviting Contacts to Like Your Facebook Page

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Building your online presence (posts, followers, etc.) / Inviting Friends and Email Contacts on Facebook

In the second installment of our Social Media Management Series, it's time to build your online presence. Before inviting contacts to your page, do a final check to make sure that all of your Facebook business page information is correct, such as:

  • Business Hours
  • Product and Service Pricing
  • Website Links
  • Contact Information
  • Profile Picture & Cover Photo

Once that is done, create two or three posts indicating what your business is all about. You can post a picture of an item you are selling, or a service you are offering your target audience. This makes your page more enticing and ensures your contacts aren't seeing an empty page when they accept your invitation.

Inviting your contacts to like your business page is an important step; it helps your Facebook page gain wider exposure. You can do this through friends on Facebook and your email contacts. We have posted a video tutorial at the bottom of this post to show you how to invite all of your contacts to like your page. Others in your office are able--and should-- invite their Facebook friends to like your business page, too.

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by Jillian Mensch
Jillian is a Product Manager at LyncServe. With an enthusiasm for serving small businesses, Jillian strives to assist in their success. She uses her experience in marketing to help businesses find new ways to grow and achieve their goals.
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