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Get Seen on Facebook

Facebook Post Boost Button

Strategically boosting your business's Facebook posts can be an effective and low-cost way to get your message in front of new and targeted audiences.

What are Boosted Posts?

A boosted Facebook post is nothing more than a normal post for which you pay a fee to reach a larger and more targeted audience, including people who do not follow you. Unlike an ad, these posts appear to be more organic to your audience and can more successfully allow users to interact with your post by liking, commenting and sharing. A sponsored post will also give you the option of adding a “Call to Action” button to your post, which can help send users to your website, get directions to your store, sign up for a newsletter or send you a message. The only indicator of a boosted post is the word “sponsored”, which will appear underneath your page name.

Cost-Effective Way to Increase Exposure

Depending on your desired reach, you can spend as little as five dollars to boost a post. While creating a boosted post, Facebook allows you to see the estimated people reached within the budget you pick, in the time frame you choose. This allows all businesses to gain exposure no matter how small your advertising budget may be.

Simple Execution

The best part about boosting posts is how straightforward the process is. Simply click the “Boost Post“ button on a post you have created. You will be directed to a pop-up that allows you to configure how your post will be seen on desktop, mobile and Instagram.

  1. Select an Objective
    1. Select “Engagement” if your goal is to get reactions, shares, & comments.
    2. Select “Website Visits” if your goal is to lead people to your website.
  2. Add a button to your post. This will give users the option to:
    1. Learn More
    2. Shop Now
    3. Get Directions
    4. Sign Up
    5. Send a Message
  3. Select an audience
    1. Targeted gender
    2. Age group
    3. Location
  4. Select your budget
    1. Enter a dollar amount that you wish to spend or use Facebook's recommendation. Changing the dollar amount allows you to see what your potential reach could be which is beneficial when figuring out what budget is right for you.
  5. Select the duration or end date for your boosted post.
  6. Enter your method of payment, press “boost” and you are on your way.

Once you have completed these steps, you will receive a notification that informs you that the post is under review. Typically, a boosted post is approved within 24 hours. To see how your boosted post performed, simply find the post on your business page or view your Facebook insights.

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by Colin McAndrew
Colin brings over 10 years of experience in Public Relations and Marketing. This has allowed him to help various companies in different industries meet their marketing goals.
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