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Creating a Logo That Represents your Company


Your company's logo is the centerpiece of your brand identity and is what all of your digital assets are built around. It helps create your company image and is the first step in reaching and connecting with potential customers. A logo can become the symbol of a company and what consumers use to identify your product or service. Your logo should be a representation of your company's culture.

If you are feeling overwhelmed, these 7 C's may inspire you:

  • Creative - Is it artistic?
  • Cutting edge - Does it have innovative design?
  • Cute - Does it make you say "aww"?
  • Clean - Is there beauty in its simplicity?
  • Communicative - Does it compact information about the company into one logo?
  • Chic - Is there something fashionable about it?
  • Close-to-home - It needn't be a multinational or an online service with global reach. Some logos from regional businesses have major local pull.

The remaining step in creating your logo is to ensure that its adaptable. To help your logo stand the test of time, you need to make sure that you are revisiting your logo and making updates as needed. Even the most visible logos have undergone a refresh or two over the years.

Emily Kent Headshot
by Emily Kent
Emily is the Marketing Manager for LyncServe. After years in the experiential marketing world, Emily could not resist the pull of digital marketing any longer and dove head first into LyncServe's growing portfolio. She hasn't looked back since.
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