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Content Marketing’s Swiss Army Knife: The Blog

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Content Marketing’s Swiss Army Knife: The Blog

Content marketing is a great tool to help grow your business. Through it you educate potential customers about the subject matter of your business, discuss topics that connect with your target audience and show how you can meet their wants and needs. Blogs can be a critical piece of content marketing, help your social media marketing and search engine results too. A blog is a written piece normally set aside on a webpage devoted to blogs. your goal when blogging is to establish credibility with your audience. If you provide value to your readers, they may show you loyalty by continuing to read your blogs, visit your business or refer others to you.

What do you write about? Blog writing, like all good marketing, is based on empathy. This is the ability to put yourself in the shoes of your potential client, customer, partner or job applicant and understand where they’re coming from. What are their wants, needs and fears? Do you sell paint? Your customers probably want to know how to paint properly so it lasts longer and they can save time and money by painting less often. Blog about the importance of preparing the surface and painting in the right conditions. You can also mention this great, new, long-lasting paint that’s available as well as the sandpaper, paint stripper and spackle you sell.

There are many benefits to blogging.

  • You can demonstrate you know what you’re talking about, are trustworthy and relevant.
  • If you write about cutting edge ideas and observations, you can show you’re a leader in your industry.
  • Readers may share your blog with others.
  • You could syndicate your blog by having them posted on other websites. With a little additional work, a blog can also be a press release and published on online newswires.
  • If you’re involved in social media, you can link your blog to your posts. this not only will increase the number of people who are aware of you and what you do, it can increase the number of website visitors and help your search engine.

Your blog should be updated regularly (a new post every week would be good). Not only are you providing a regular, fresh supply of helpful information to your potential customers, search engine results may improve because search engines favor websites that change and expand because they’re seen as more relevant.

How do you write a blog? Start with your target audience. Who are they? People you want to buy your product or service? Other businesses you want to partner with? Potential job applicants you want to attract? Once you’ve determined that, write to inform, not to impress. Make it easy to read. Avoid jargon unless your target audience knows what you’re talking about. Use simple, declarative sentences in the present tense as much as possible. Short paragraphs and bullet points or numbered lists are good ideas.

Writing a blog won’t do you any good unless it gets to your website. LyncServe provides website design services with blog management tools to help. Don’t have the time to blog or writing isn’t your strongest skill? We can write them for you so you get the benefits of blogs without the cost of your time. Want to learn more about how blogs can help your business reach out to potential clients and customers? Call us at 267.364.5049 or fill out our contact form.

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by Kevin Lynch
Kevin is an entrepreneur on a mission to deliver enterprise marketing solutions to small and medium sized businesses.
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