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Which Social Media trends from 2018 will continue in 2019?
Focus on these top social media trends to prioritize your marketing initiatives and grow your business in 2019.
Buzzword Breakdown: The DL on 'User Generated Content'
What is User Generated Content? We break it down in our latest post. Learn what it is and how small businesses can use UGC in their marketing strategy.
Ramp Up Customer Referrals with Digital Marketing
Word-of-mouth referral is the original marketing channel and has been around for as long as our ancestors have been able to communicate. Every business generates customers through word-of-mouth referr...
Should I start a YouTube channel for my business? Probably.
Meet customers where they are. More than 30 million people visit YouTube every day, so its safe to say that many of your current & potential customers are there.
How to Use Social Media to Find Your Next New Hire
Social media is good for procrastinating, latest beauty tips, memes, videos of cute puppies, and... finding job candidates. Surprised? Don't be. About 70% of the American population uses social media,...
Why You're Losing Customers to Your Competition
It's never been easier for businesses to reach potential customers. This is good and bad news for business owners. The good news is you can effectively use many marketing tools to reach your target au...
Non-Profits Can Use Social Media to Get the Most Bang for Their Limited Bucks
Few non-profits are flush with cash. Marketing budgets can be limited because money is needed to fulfill the organization’s core purpose, whether that’s caring for animals, fighting diseases or ho...
Have you started using LinkedIn to grow your business?
When you hear the term "social media" you probably think of Facebook, Twitter or Instagram. Did LinkedIn come to mind? The social media and networking site targets professionals that are looking to co...
How to Combat the Naysayers Online: Managing What “They” Say About You in the Online World
What people say and write about you on blogs, websites and social media can drastically change your business, for better or worse. Your digital reputation is just as important as any other aspect of y...
Look Forward to these Social Media Trends in 2018
2018 is bound to be a big year for using social media for business. Companies are really starting to understand how to better use platforms where their audiences are and start to test measurable conc...
3 Hashtag Best Practices to Start Using
Gone are the days where the # sign was just something on a telephone. As social media has grown, hashtags have been a huge part of the evolution. Now we see it everywhere online. While people may like...
6 Tips for Writing a Better Blog
Your blog is a powerful and valuable marketing tool. You use it to connect with your audience, build brand awareness, showcase your expertise and generate interest in your company. Your blog should be...
The Importance of a Strong Online Presence
Your online presence is the digital representation of your company's brand, personality and quality of products and services you provide. It's important to make sure you have a strong online presence ...
Avoid these 5 Social Media Mistakes
Managing Social Media pages can be difficult at times. Avoid making the following mistakes to help ensure your posts are making a positive impact on your business.
Get Seen on Facebook
With trends in design and technology constantly changing, it doesn’t take long for your website to be considered antiquated. If your website was built a number of years ago, it might not possess the...
Is Social Media Important for My Business?
Social Media can seem overwhelming to manage, but when approached in a strategic manner, it can have a great impact on your company.
5 Reasons to use Images and Videos in your Facebook Posts
People react to visuals. This is a fact you need to keep in mind when posting on Facebook. Images and videos grab the attention of your audience and enhance the message you’re trying to deliver.
Adding a Facebook Administrator
As your social media presence grows, you may realize you can’t manage your Facebook account alone. For example, you may have the need to respond to messages, ads, or blogs.
How to Manage Your Online Reputation
Managing your online reputation is not always the most enjoyable of tasks. Often, it means responding to criticisms and negative critiques of your business.
Growing your Facebook Reach
Interacting with others on Facebook may be one of the most important things you can do to create brand awareness and grow your followers. There are some quick ways to accomplish this.
Who Has the Time to Post Every Day?
Posting on Facebook every day can be time-consuming. If you're like most business owners, you have a long list of daily tasks that MUST be completed, and posting to Facebook may not find its way onto ...
What Should I Post?
The key to success on social media is staying active and consistent, but doing that can be a challenge. If you are posting once a day on Facebook, you must come up with 365 posts a year; 366 if it’s...
Marketing Tips for Nonprofit Businesses
Managing a nonprofit presents many challenges. Among those challenges is growing your business through marketing. In addition to having a very limited budget, nonprofits are typically understaffed. Th...
Inviting Contacts to Like Your Facebook Page
Now that you have your business page, it's time to build your online presence. Before inviting your contacts to your page, do a final check to make sure that all your information is correct,
Why Use an Agency?
So, you need a new website, but you're not sure what route to take. There are many options out there at varying price points, and at varying levels of quality. You can take the do-it-yourself (DIY) ro...
Setting up your Facebook Business Page
Facebook is one of the most important marketing tools a business owner can employ. Over 1.71 billion unique users worldwide visit Facebook each month. Your page is a place where customers can learn ab...
Want To See A Magic Trick?
As a business owner navigating the digital marketing world, blogs are like The Joker, and we're all falling for it. We've all see the titles: "How to Gain 47,000 Followers With These 3 Easy Tips", onl...
Which social media channels are right for you?
There is a plethora of social channels for your business out there but that doesn't mean that all of them are right for your business. Creating your online presence can be extremely overwhelming espec...
Can You Focus Like a Goldfish? How Snapchat Capitalizes on Our Shortened Attention Spans
In a study released by Microsoft last year, it was determined that the average adult now has an attention span of 8 seconds, compared to the goldfish whose attention span averages 9 seconds. This coul...
Why Aren't Your Social Network Ads Working? (And Where You Should Be Spending Your Money)
The open source development community has been playing a ping pong game with sites such as Facebook who have been vocal about their opposition to ad blockers. Every time Facebook releases a new indica...
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