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5 Reasons to use Images and Videos in your Facebook Posts

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People react to visuals. This is a fact you need to keep in mind when posting on Facebook. Images and videos grab the attention of your audience and enhance the message you're trying to deliver.

Here are 5 reasons to embrace the use of visuals in your Facebook posts:

  1. Photos and videos are the most engaging forms of content on Facebook, so it's important to include them in your posts whenever possible. Keep the videos short and remember that 85% of people will watch them without sound.
  2. Facebook posts that contain an image or video will see more than 2 times the engagement than posts without. People are more likely to tag and share photos and videos, which results in increased exposure, engagement and interaction with your Facebook page.
  3. People only remember 10% of information they read after 3 days. However, when an image is paired with that same information, retention jumps to 65% for the same time frame.
  4. Photos and videos can effectively show off your product, location or event. Telling consumers about what you offer is helpful, but showing them is better.
  5. Videos and photos can capture your business's personality better than plain text can. They can help provide insight into the makeup of your company and show how you make the most out of the day-to-day at the office.

Adding photos and videos in your Facebook posts is a sure way to enhance your message and increase exposure. In addition to being more entertaining and eye-catching than plain text, visual media can more clearly portray your message, personality and brand to your followers.

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by Jillian Mensch
Jillian is a Product Manager at LyncServe. With an enthusiasm for serving small businesses, Jillian strives to assist in their success. She uses her experience in marketing to help businesses find new ways to grow and achieve their goals.
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