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2017 Web Design Trends

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Web design trends are forever changing. For those of you who love to keep tabs on what's happening in the design world, here's a summary of some of the most popular internet design trends today:

Grid No More

Historically, most layouts for web (and print) design follow a grid, where a rhythm is created to help guide the user's eye throughout the page and to the information they want. A roadmap, if you will. Recently though, a lot of designers are taking creative freedom to the extreme and are breaking the grid, and it's working. By using responsive and other creative elements, it's more commonplace to have unparalleled layouts and floating images and text to make use of the entire desktop.


The days of using Arial, Helvetica, and Times as your go-to 'safe' fonts are over. With web font directories like Google Fonts, it's easier than ever to add personality to your website by selecting from hundreds of freely available typefaces.

Simple Animations

The use of subtle animation brings to life elements of websites that used to be static. They also add personality to your website while not being overly distracting, and better yet, don't effect page speed. The use of animation is very popular on icons, lists and arrows. View LyncServe's Services page for an example of subtle animations.


The days of over-saturated, text-heavy layouts are coming to an end. While keeping in mind SEO, it's becoming more and more popular to use simple headlines and short body text; showing nothing but the bare necessities.

Fewer Stock Photos

Stock photos are great because they're relatively inexpensive, but it's sometimes hard to find any that relate to your business. While there's a great deal of suitable stock photo sites out there that have great images, if you have a custom website, you should also have custom, authentic images. There are a few websites out there that offer high-quality, authentic (and free) images (,,, but nothing compares to photos captured by a hired, professional photographer who can truly help visualize your brand and business.


Take a look around the internet and you'll see the use of bold, bright colors and gradients. But don't just pick colors at random, make sure they apply to your brand. Check out for some great palate inspiration.

These are some of the current trends in web design right now. As we all know, trends change over time, and we at LyncServe stay on top of them. Make sure to check back occasionally for updates on the latest in web design.

Brian Needles Headshot
by Brian Needles
Brian has a great deal of passion for all areas of design and technology. He's worked across all disciplines, but specializes in web design and branding.
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