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2017 Marketing Trends - Landing Pages

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2017 will be an opportunistic time for companies to get creative with their online marketing campaigns. With a plethora of new advertising options available, landing pages are set to play a key role in the success of these campaigns.

What is a landing page?

If you're not familiar with the term, a landing page is a single website page typically built with one focused message and goal in mind. Landing pages can be part of your company website, or have their own campaign related URL. They are usually the destination of online advertisements.

Landing pages play a vital role in the conversion process of marketing campaigns because:

  • New advertising opportunities are popping up all the time, making it easier and more affordable to gain exposure in target markets.
  • While getting exposure is the critical first step, landing pages are where conversions happen. They offer a means for the consumer to perform more in-depth research on a focused topic in which they have expressed interest, thus providing a greater chance to close the deal.

Why are landing pages effective?

  • Focused messaging, informative, easy for visitors to understand and digest.
  • When you have an existing website, a new landing page can be created relatively quickly (depending on the talent of your marketing department/agency).
  • Visitors typically arrive from some sort of advertising or marketing campaign and can be considered warm leads, which is one step away from conversion.
  • Individual campaign tracking mechanisms can be setup to show which advertising/organic paths are most effective.

I want a landing page! Important considerations

If you're in the market for a landing page, make sure you consider the following:
  • Clear, focused messaging. One topic. One goal.
  • One call to action that is prominent and simple to complete.
  • It must look good on all devices!
  • Conversion tracking is in place.


2017 is going to be an exciting, yet challenging year for companies looking to take their marketing to the next level. On one hand, there have never been so many channels to gain exposure, and on the other, competition has never been so great.

At LyncServe, we always advise evaluating the latest and most proven advertising methods. We recommend combining them with strong marketing messaging and branding that builds trust and loyalty.

If you have custom marketing campaigns in mind, then make sure a landing page is part of the picture. If you would like additional information or consultation about planning and executing effective marketing campaigns, please reach out to us: | 267-364-5049

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by Kevin Lynch
Kevin is an entrepreneur on a mission to deliver enterprise marketing solutions to small and medium sized businesses.
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